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Modern African Food And Recipes From The Groundnut Cookbook

Whilst passing through Waterstones Piccadilly, my eye was drawn to a colourful book display positioned in front of the elevators. Stopping to get a better a look I was introduced to The Groundnut Cookbook, exploring modern African food. The Groundnut Cookbook was written by Duval Timothy, Jacob Fodio Todd, and Folayemi Brown three friends who run a bi-monthly London supper club called The Groundnut, hence the name of the book.

In starting The Groundnut the trio combined their love of good food and friendship by bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to sample the seasonal healthy wholesome African food fusions they create. The dishes created are inspired by the trio’s collective mixed European and African heritages courtesy of family roots in Ghana, South Sudan, Kenya, Swaziland, Sierra Leone, and Nigeria. And it is this diversity that they bring to The Groundnut Cookbook, which is filled with personal anecdotes that shine a light on the trio’s diverse backgrounds and upbringings of which food has always played an important part. Filled with family recipes mainly from East and West Africa The Groundnut Cookbook is beautifully designed, illustrated with colourful, evocative photography.

“African food is some of the best on the planet. It is easily shopped for and cooked, yet remains for some reason off the culinary radar of most people. We want to change that.” Duval, Jacob, and Folayemi

Modern African Food And Recipes From The Groundnut Cookbook

[Image credits: The Groundnut Cookbook, Cover via Amazon;
Pan Fried Okra – Toby Glanville and Sophie Davidson via The Guardian]

The Groundnut Cookbook is divided into several sections including main courses, vegetables, sides, desserts and cocktails and juices each offering up easy to follow and shop for recipes that include Groundnut Soup, Pan Fried Okra, Peanut Chicken, Nyama Choma, Beef Suya, Garri Oatcakes, Green Plantain Chips and the West African food staple Jollof Rice.

Modern African Food And Recipes From The Groundnut Cookbook

[Image credit: The Groundnut Cookbook, Groundnut Soup – Toby Glanville and Sophie Davidson via The Guardian]

The Groundnut Cookbook aims to change perceptions about preparing and cooking African dishes and to give African food its place on the culinary world’s map. So, whether you are new to African food and cuisine or want to know more about dishes from other parts of the continent The Groundnut Cookbook provides the perfect introduction.

The Groundnut Cookbook is all about family and friends, coming together around the table to enjoy each other’s company and share in some hearty African food.

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[Image credits: The cover image was sourced from Amazon. All food images were sourced from the Guardian. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly]

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