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Awards: PPC Imaginarium, Nurturing the Creative Talent of the Future

PPC Imaginarium [South Africa]

PPC Imaginarium Awards

[Image credit: PPC Imaginarium Awards]

The Imaginarium Awards, an ambitious modern art, and design awards were launched by PPC Ltd with the aim of promoting and supporting South Africa’s emerging creative talent. The competition invited entries across six categories: film, industrial design, fashion, jewellery, architecture and sculpture. Winners of the inaugural event were announced in January 2015. The winners were: 

  • Chris Van Rensburg – Jewellery; 
  • Ayanda Ntsigana – Architecture; 
  • Martin Bolton and Craig Tyndall – Industrial Design; 
  • Mlonishwa Chiliza – Sculpture; 
  • Bokang Lehabe – Fashion; and 
  • Anri and Andre Coetzee – Film.

  The award is judged by a jury of leading South African industry personalities, and in addition to a monetary prize, the winners also receive opportunities and mentorship to help nurture their careers from industry leaders including architect Mokena Makeka, designer Adriaan Hugo of Dokter & Misses, fashion designer David Tlale, and writer and film director Hanneke Schutte.

Martin Botlon and Craig Tyndall, 'Concrete T L Speaker' - PPC Imaginarium

[Image credit: Industrial Design winners, Martin Bolton and Craig Tyndall, 
‘Concrete T L Speaker’ – PPC Imaginarium]

  The initiative is … remarkable for its ambition of providing a nurturing launch platform for its winners – with the aim of establishing them as leaders in their field.

Mhlonishwa Chiliza, 'Dreaming in Hopelessness' - PPC Imaginarium
Chris van Rensburg, 'Solid Curves' - PPC Imaginarium

[Image credits: top, Sculpture winner, Mhlonishwa Chiliza, ‘Dreaming in Hopelessness’; 
bottom, Jewellery, Chris van Rensburg, ‘Solid Curves’ – PPC Imaginarium]

The winning designs will be on display in Cape Town at Design Indaba, which runs from 27 February-1st March 2015. This will then be followed by the announcement of the overall winner at the Young Blood Art Gallery, Cape Town on 5th March 2015.

Additional details:
For further information about PPC Imaginarium visit: www.ppcimaginarium.co.za

[Image credits: The image shown belong to: PPC Imaginarium. If downloaded and used elsewhere must be credited accordingly]

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