Architect and Designer Charles O. Job’s Quest for Simple Innovation and Functional Ease

Continuous exploration for simple innovation without compromising aesthetics and functionality is the common thread that runs through the work of architect and designer Charles Oluwole Job. His eponymous studio explores architecture, product design, interior design, furniture and lighting design and produces designs for notable international industrial design manufacturers, among them Tossa, Mox AG, Fasem International, and Normann Copenhagen.

Charles O. Job as he is known professionally was born in Lagos, Nigeria and resides in Zurich Switzerland. Prior to founding his studio Charles worked at architectural practices in London, Paris, Zurich. His architectural background can be seen in the clean linear shapes that characterise his product and furniture designs. Exploring the versatility of materials is another characteristic of his work, utilising materials such as metals and plywood. And with the end user in mind Charles looks at ways to enhance the ease of assembling, disassembling and transporting furniture pieces.

Charles is a Professor of architectural design theory at the Berne University of Applied sciences and encourages his students to explore transcultural cooperation, another area of interest for Charles. As an educator he has led study trips to Luxor and Cairo in Egypt, Istanbul in Turkey, and Lagos and Enugu in Nigeri, giving his students the opportunities of working with different techniques, methods and materials such as recyclabe agricultural waste, ceramics, and traditional architecture constructed from organic materials. 

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For further information about Charles O. Job visit: https://charlesjob.com

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