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Kenyan-based jewellery designer Adele Dejak turns to her Nigerian roots with Àmi, her latest luxury jewellery collection designed in collaboration with Afrominima, the Nigerian design and lifestyle brand by Olubunmi Adeyemi that fuses the ethos of Scandinavian style, Japanese minimalism with African heritage.

Àmi is a Yoruba word meaning symbol, and perfectly describes the ethos and shapes making up the designs in the collection. Adele Dejak is on a mission to champion the African renaissance that is sweeping the continent. As such Àmi pays homage to the African tradition of evolution and tells the story of courage, strength, hope, pride, and prosperity. And I would add grace and elegance to that list.


Anjiola aluminium Ami Adele Dejak Afrominima Jewellery Made In Kenya African Luxury Fashion

Produced in upcycled brass and aluminium the Àmi collection comprises three distinctive neckpieces. Each displays the Adele Dejak signature style of bold shapes paired with the sleek, minimal lines that characterise Afrominima’s products. The result is made in Africa Afrominimalist at is best.

Ademide Hammered Ami Adele Dejak Afrominima Jewellery Made In Kenya African Luxury Fashion


The Àmi collection was launched at Luxury Connect Africa in Paris.


– Tapiwa Matsinde


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For further information about Adele Dejak, and to see the complete collection visit:

For further information about Afrominima visit: @afrominima


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