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A Holistic Well-Being Brand Inspired by Wisdom and Ancestral African Traditions

While doing some research for a magazine article I came across Maison Dassam, a holistic well-being brand inspired by wisdom and ancestral African traditions. The company was founded by Wend-Kuuni BONCOUNGOU, a French-born marketer turned entrepreneur of Burkinabé heritage. Having visited Burkina Faso many times Wend-Kuuni’s wanted to focus her attention on a project that would enable her to share the beauty and riches of her African roots.

Maison Dassam is a journey of discovery for Wend-Kuuni, and a chance to promote African heritage and in the process contribute to the telling of a new narrative about the continent while helping to preserve the precious traditions and ancestral know-how.

Social responsibility also lies at the heart of Maison Dassam turning away from fast and disposable consumption the company places great care and attention on handcrafted artisanal production and natural ingredients. Blending the dual cultures of Wend-Kuuni’s multi-cultural upbringing Maison Dassam offers a range of holistic skincare and home products crafted to boost our well-being.

Candles crafted using 100% vegetable and renewable soy wax infuse our spaces with soothing scents such as the beautifully titled Breath of the Desert candle, which invokes feelings of peace and calm. And for the skin nourishing silky serums for body, face and hair are formulated from cold pressed 100% pure and natural vegetable oils sourced from organic farming.

Maison Dassam is upholding the holistic well-being rituals of a continent

– Tapiwa

Additional details:
For further information about Maison Dassam visit: https://maisondassam.com/

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