Nokware All Natural African Skincare Inspired by Grandma

Nokware Shea Butters

Nokware is a natural skincare brand born out of a generational legacy of formulating products using traditional African herbs and oils. The company started when Tutuwa Ahwoi from Ghana met Thato Tau from Botswana whilst studying in Paris. Tutuwa introduced Thato to pure shea butter and black soap. When the duo returned to their respective home countries Thato asked Tutuwa to keep sending her the products which were not available in Southern Africa, and soon Thato’s friends were asking for them too. To keep up with demand what started out as friends sharing beauty secrets blossomed into a business selling natural skincare products in Ghana, Botswana, Europe and North America.

Nokware formally launched in September 2017 with a range of African Black Soap. These were soon followed by shea butters, made with ingredients sourced from local women’s co-operatives in West Africa. From the outset, Tutuwa sought to create a company that would uphold the principles of simplicity, sustainability, and self-love. Nokware products are created using ancestral know-how skincare recipes that were passed down from Tutuwa’s great-grandmother. The business follows a model of community commerce of fair pricing, giving back to the communities it works with and empowering those who have not been given equal opportunities the means to earn a livelihood.

Nokware African Black Soap

‘Nokware’ means truth in the Twi language of Ghana and was chosen to reflect the brand’s philosophy of providing simple natural products. This extends to sustainable packaging. Shunning cheap harmful plastic containers Tutuwa looked to what was available locally, alighting upon calabash gourds. A plentiful fruit the empty gourd is reusable and recyclable. Cut in half-covered with natural woven jute, and finished with raffia twine it makes for a perfect container for the Black Soap. And has become a signature of the brand. Shea butter containers are made from biodegradable bamboo.

Nokware Shea butter

When it comes to promoting self-love the company has also introduced the Inclusive Beauty Movement. A campaign to challenge colourism, and the under-representation of diverse skin shades in beauty and the media. Tutuwa hopes to change the conversation around recognising that beauty is diverse and should be celebrated.

– Tapiwa

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For further information about Nokware visit: https://nokwareskincare.com/

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