New Year, New Start

Setting out those hopes and dreams for the New Year
Happy New Year and I hope it got off to a good start! and off course hot on the heels of the festivities comes the time of reflection, resolutions, and detox…how is it going? I abandoned the whole New Year’s resolution thing a long time ago… it just doesn’t work for me! Yes, there are things I want to achieve in the year ahead, both personally and professionally, have been busy outlining my strategies to help realise those goals. ‘Start as you mean to go on’ has been my motivational mantra for so long now that I can’t pinpoint when it embedded itself into my psyche, becoming the phrase that emerges from my subconscious whenever I am about to embark on something new, and welcoming the New Year has been no exception.

I am not sure of the exact origins, but my research points to an old English saying that refers to how the consistency in your behaviour, whether good (or bad), when approaching a task can determine the pattern you will follow towards success or failure; in a nutshell- do things right from the get-go! For me, the saying positions me to give my best from the start and when I do slip, stumble and fall along the way I bring the phrase to mind as a way of regrouping; reminding myself of what I need to do to keep going to achieve my goals. Starting as I mean to go on, has meant getting my house in order carrying out some maintenance and tweaks to a few things here and there, but more noticeably I am pleased to announce that the New Year…finally…sees me upgrading the URL; an indication of my hopes for the blog’s future, so don’t forget to update your bookmarks!

Everyone has what works for them… do what you do and may 2012 be one full of love, laughter and the year your daydreams come true!

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