Kenyan Artist Evans Mbugua For Chaumet Tresors D’afrique Jewellery Collection

Chaumet Ronde de Pierres Inspired By Beaded_Necklaces_of Dinka People Sudan Maasai

Trésors d’Afrique translates as Treasures from Africa, and is an ode to past and present, culture and modernity presented in the form of luxury jewellery pieces by the prestigious French jeweller and watchmaker Chaumet in collaboration with Kenyan artist, Evans Mbugua who is based in Paris. Trésors d’Afrique is third and final destination in the Mondes du Chaumet collection, a globe-trotting journey through jewels that has taken in the splendours of Russia, and Japan. Chaumet is inspired by the coming together of different cultures that celebrate and honour majestic femininity to create new ideas, imagined by their master jewellers who continually push the limits of what is possible with jewellery.

Chaumet Ronde de Pierres Earrings Inspired By Beaded Necklaces of Dinka People Sudan Maasai

Trésors d’Afrique comprises five themes Ronde de Pierres, Cascades Royales, Terres d’Or, Espiègleries and Talismania. Each draws on a different aspect of the continent from the diversity in Africa’s cultures and traditions, to nature from the dazzling colours of golden desert sands to lush verdant forests, textures, and the precious materials among them sapphire, garnet, emerald, diamond and gold that the continent brings forth. The jewellery silhouettes draw on regal adornment worn by African women throughout the ages, think Ndebele beaded collars, Dinka corsets, the elaborate patterns of Maasai beading, wooden arm bangles studded with gems and spun with woven strands of gold that reference Rwandan Agaseke basketry, and neck grazing chandelier earrings that speak of royal lineages.



Chaumet Talismania_Bangle Inspired Basketry Agaseke People Rwanda



les modes de chaumet tresors dafrique luxury jewellery collection


les modes de chaumet tresors d'afrique luxury jewellery Collection Cascades Royales Rwandan Royal Headdresses Kenyan Samburu Bridal Ornaments

For Espiègleries Evans Mbugua designed six brooches that can be turned into earrings, each one celebrating Africa’s flora and fauna with a central animal theme and a playful touch of whimsy. Born in Nairobi and based in Paris Evans Mbugua is a  visual artist and designer who draws inspiration from the diverse mix of these two cities. He uses his artwork to explore identity and the stories of the people he depicts be they himself, friends or strangers.

Evans Mbugua Chaumet Collaboration Espiegleries Lion Brooch


Evans Mbugua Chaumet Collaboration Espiegleries Giraffe Brooch


A colourful celebration of Africa’s treasures.


– Tapiwa Matsinde


Additional details:

For further information about Evans Mbugua visit: www.evansmbugua.com

For further information about the Chaumet Trésors d’Afrique collection visit: www.chaumet.com


[Image credits: The images shown belong to Chaumet. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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