Interiors: A Minimalist Home in South Africa

Minimalist Home [South Africa]

African interior design ideas - Minimalist White Home South Africa

[Image source: Minimalist House, South Africa – Home Trend Design]

When I first came across the idyllic image of the open doors of this house on Pinterest, I spent ages trying to track down images of the rest of it to no avail; however, the house has found me after an unrelated search. Marrying modern minimalism with traditional style, this airy open plan home situated in South Africa makes for a cooling; relaxing retreat in gloriously, hot summer days.

I could not find much information about the house, but hazarding a guess, the build appears to be in the traditional Cape Dutch style, complete with thatch roof; and has been renovated to incorporate contemporary fittings such the central skylight, and housing a dining room at the rear of the house with folding doors to completely open up the house, allowing the outside in. What I like about the home is how beautifully and effortlessly the main part of the house flows through from one end to the other; the feeling of light and airiness maximised by the skylight located over the living area. 

Modern African style living room design - Minimalist Home South Africa - Lounge
African interior design - Minimalist Home South Africa - Entrance
Minimalist Home South Africa - Library
Minimalist Home South Africa - Bedroom

[Images source: Minimalist House, South Africa – Home Trend Design]

Decorated in white from top to bottom further elongates the home, adding to the feeling of soothing, endless space. Decorating with just the colour white and not much else can make for a boring bland space, but the decorators have used textures seen in floor tiles and luxurious shaggy rugs; in addition to natural finishes of warm wood to counteract this, softening the edges to make it more inviting. The addition of locally sourced contemporary African interior decor design accents, such as art and sculpture, and making design features of the fireplaces add personality to the home, which features a cosy library; and a glass-walled bathroom for the more… shall we say adventurous!  

Nature inspired bathroom - Minimalist Home South Africa - Bathroom

[Image source: Minimalist House, South Africa – Home Trend Design]

Additional details:
I could not find credits for the home/images, so if the home/images belong to you, or if anyone has any further information do let me know and I will update accordingly. 

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