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How do blogs make money?

Who would have thought when the first blog was created in 1994 that blogs would go on to disrupt the way we work and enable millions of people who may never have had the opportunity to do so in a traditional job, earn the types of income that transforms lives. Well they did and two decades later there are still people wondering how do blogs make money, and whenever I mention that I am a blogger one of the first questions I get asked is ‘so how do you make money?’ 

How do blogs make money may be a question you’ve been asking yourself. Especially if you are thinking of starting a blog, or have been blogging a while now and are considering using your blog to create an income for yourself. So here is a quick introduction.

So how do blogs make money?

The value of a blog lies in the quality of its content. And it is what is done with that content that enables a blog to make money. There are many ways for blogs to make money. You only have to turn to Pinterest or do an online search to see all the options that are available. These are dependant on a blog’s niche, audience size, popularity amongst other things.

Popular income streams include:
  • Banner Ads – placing adverts for other businesses on your blog
  • Affiliate links – placing links to products by other companies within your text
  • Sponsored posts/advertorials – collaborating with businesses to create special posts that advertise their products
  • Digital products (courses and e-books) – packaging your posts and expertise into products that you sell and teach your audience
  • Books – an opportunity to expand on the ideas you introduce in your blog
  • Membership sites – create recurring revenue by restricting some or all of your information to monthly or yearly paying customers
  • Coaching and consultancy – offering your expertise to customers on a one-to-one basis
  • Speaking engagements – using your blog to position you as an authority in your industry

Monetising your blog is a great way of earning a part-time or full-time income. If you want to find out more about what each income source involves read How To Make Money Blogging, which dives in deeper. And offers tips on how to get started with each of the highlighted income streams.

– Tapiwa

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