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Design: Pfeifer Studio Wooden Stools Inspired by traditional African Seating

Pfeifer Studio [Africa Inspired]

Pfeifer Studio - Abaidoo stool

[Image credit: Abaidoo Wooden Stool – Pfeifer Studio]

I can’t remember what I was looking for when I stumbled upon the blog for Pfeifer Studio and saw a post on their African inspired stool. Called ‘Abaidoo’, the stool was named after a friend’s Ghanaian father-in-law and is a bestseller within the Pfeifer Studio collections. Based in New Mexico, USA Pfeifer Studio designs, produces and sources a range of stylish interior and personal furniture and accessories for retail; as well as working with designers and architects to source unique interior products for their projects and have included luxury hotels and restaurants. The in-house collections are handcrafted from workshops in India and in Albuquerque, New Mexico where the Pfeifer Studio shop is located.

The business works with local artisans not only within their workshops but also around the globe to find one-of-a-kind products that complement their designs and includes products from Africa. The African inspiration carries through to the company’s own designs seen in several of the sculptural wooden hand-turned stools. Doubling up, as a side table the Abaidoo stool is a tall sculptural form with a stacked ring-like design carved up the shank and pays homage to traditional African carvings and sculptures. Other stools in the collection that exhibit African influences include the ‘Contemporary’ and ‘Onde’ stools.

The stools are sculpted from solid blocks of Margosa wood, a non-toxic tropical hardwood from India, where the stools are also crafted. The wood is dried for several months to allow for the natural cracks and separations that occur when the wood dries and shrinks. The cracks give the finished pieces a natural unique look, and to finish the product is given a clear lacquer topcoat and a natural wax polish for protection. Standard finishes include natural, ebony and dark walnut Margosa; however custom finishes are also available in addition to custom sizes if you want them taller, wider or shorter to suit your specific needs. I can just picture the Abaidoo stool lengthened to form the legs of a dining room table, topped with either wood or glass.

Pfeifer Studio - Onde Wooden Stool
Pfeifer Studio - Wooden Stool

[Image credits: top, Onde; and bottom, Contemporary Wooden Stools – Pfeifer Studio]

…a multitude of uses makes them ideal for placing around your chosen interior space

Additional details:
Wooden stools shown priced between: USD$369-USD$389
For further information about Pfeifer Studio and order enquires visit: www.pfeiferstudio.com
Products are shipped internationally

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