Design: Hand Decorated Cabinets Inspired by African Design Elements

Lucas Risé [Africa Inspired]

Lucas Risé - Carrousel

I stumbled upon these amazingly decorated, hand-painted cabinets by Argentinean artist, Lucas Risé. Visually stimulating, the cabinets are a riot of colour, pattern, and texture, with several of the designs drawing inspiration from elements of African design and culture; from basketry to motifs. ‘Somewhere in Africa’, brings together elements of the different countries and regions visited during Lucas’ travels to the Continent; whilst ‘African Whimsical’ pays homage to the traditional neck ornaments worn by women in the Continent’s mid-western regions.

The ‘Carrousel’ cabinet, in particular, reminds me of the Yoruba beaded chairs I have featured previously. The design sees the application of 21,000 metal studs covering the entire surface, creating an engaging tactile object. In addition to decorating cabinets, Lucas brings his intricate style to textiles, and other forms of furniture, like tables.

Lucas Risé - Somewhere in Africa

Lucas Risé - African Whimsical

[Image credits: top, Carrousel; centre, Somwhere in Africa; 
bottom, African Whimsical – Lucas Risé]

An award-winning artist, Lucas developed his unique decorative style during his travels around the globe. Interested in interactive art, Lucas uses furniture as a vehicle for self-expression, in the process turning an everyday functional object into a work of art that in turn allows the user to interact with art on a more personal level. These cabinets are collectable conversation pieces and would be just the thing to bring character to an area such as an unloved hallway.

Additional details:
For further information about Lucas Risé visit: www.sansparapluie.com

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