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Beauty: Bulldog Moisturiser with Organic Shea Butter from Ghana

Bulldog [Africa Inspired]


[Image credit: Eco-System Moisturiser – Bulldog]

So… having a name like Bulldog doesn’t exactly conjure up images of anything tender; however it is the name of a range of men’s natural skincare products that are designed to… look after and care for the skin naturally. Producing products that contain no harsh chemicals like Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances Bulldog was founded in 2006 by Simon Duffy and Rhodri Ferrier who saw a gap in the market for a line of natural skincare products aimed squarely at the male grooming sector; products that needed to be more than just re-packaged women’s products, and ones that could be used with minimum fuss.

A small company based in London, Bulldog’s founders continually conduct research into suitable ingredients and the effects they have on the skin and body to ensure that only the best, safe and natural ones make their way into the final products. Presented in distinctive white and brown packaging, the Bulldog range includes shave gels, moisturisers, balms and face scrubs; that contain natural active ingredients and unique essential oils to keep the skin looking good; and one product, in particular, caught my attention; the Bulldog Eco-System Moisturiser. Carrying the Fairtrade mark, the Eco-system range consists of a moisturiser and shave gel containing natural certified Fairtrade ingredients sourced from across the globe. The Eco-System Moisturiser contains a unique blend of eight essential oils to hydrate the skin along with Fairtrade Sesame Seed Oil from Nicaragua, Brazil Nut Oil from Peru, and organic shea butter from Ghana; which I discovered upon reading the product description comes from the Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society in Bolgatanga, Ghana – I did a profile on Akoma Skincare a few months back and included information about the cooperative in the write-up… it is always good to see product sources linking up and working together to make a change.

The Akoma Cooperative Multipurpose Society is an enterprising group that was established to enable women within the community to collect, process, and sell Shea nuts and butter to a wider market. Selling the shea butter is not only helping to generate a source of income but over the next five years, the cooperative will be using the fairtrade premiums it earns to renovate, the currently dilapidated Pusu-Namogo primary school affecting change directly within the community. Environmentally aware, all Bulldog products are produced and packaged in the UK to help reduce their carbon footprint and all packaging is recyclable; and as their name would suggest Bulldog is an animal-friendly company; no products are tested on animals.

…care for your skin and wellbeing with man’s best friend

Additional details:
Moisturiser priced at: £7.49
For further information about Bulldog visit: http://meetthebulldog.com
To purchase online visit: http://gbstore.meetthebulldog.com
To find a nearest stockist visit: http://meetthebulldog.com

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