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All-Natural, Zero Toxin Eco-Luxury Skin Care Inspired by Africa

Unless we protect it the changing seasons can have harmful effects on the long-term health of our skin. This was the experience of Ms Akosua aka Ms Kosi, a US-based entrepreneur who started creating her own skincare products using shea butter to protect her skin from harsh weather. Born and raised in Ghana shea butter was essential to Ms Kosi’s everyday skincare rituals. Used on her skin from birth to protect it from the sun, when Ms Kosi’s family moved to the UK in her teens she continued to use the butter to protect her skin, this time from the cold weather. As her interest in natural skincare grew Ms Akousa began experimenting with blending shea butter with essential oils, eventually launching her eco-luxury skincare brand, Kosi Skin.

Kosi Skin products are produced in small batches, hand mixed weekly from the business’ studio in Georgia. Small batch production means attention is given to creating fresh, pure products with no preservatives. Believing that, ‘no skincare should have more ingredients than you can count on both hands.’ Kosi Skin keeps its formulations simple by doing away with unnecessary ingredients. And with an eye on protecting the planet not only do the products come in sustainable, recyclable packaging the formulations themselves are made with no water. Just natural creamy butters and restorative essential oils. 

Kosi Skin’s butters are high quality, Grade A, fairly traded, sourced from women-owned Shea Butter Cooperatives in Ghana’s Northern region. Kosi Skin donates 15% of the proceeds of each sale to the cooperatives it partners with. Kosi Skin also sources additional natural ingredients from local US farmers.

Kosi Skin is all about natural beauty rituals inspired by Africa.

– Tapiwa

For further information about Kosi Skin visit: https://www.kosiskin.com

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