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Singita Mara River Tented Camp Afro Chic Interior Design

Singita - Mara River Tented Camp - Lounge

Luxury game reserve specialist, Singita introduce a new camp to their safari camp and lodges portfolio. The Singita Mara River Tented camp in Tanzania is located in the remote Lamai Triangle region, the northern most tip of the Serengeti National Park. In keeping with the laidback luxury style of their other properties in South Africa, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, (see the Singita Pamushana Lodge featured here), preview pictures of the new camp reveal a refreshing, modern take on the safari chic aesthetic by channeling a modern Afro chic interior design.
[Image credit/source: Mara Tented River Camp – Singita]

What I like most about this new camp is how it celebrates contemporary African design and craftsmanship, showcasing the work to beautiful effect. I instantly spotted the work of some designers I have previously featured on African Daydreams, including South African designer Haldane Martin’s crocheted Zulu Mama chairs, a personal design favourite. Throughout the camp pattern and texture abound in a mostly soothing neutral palette that is contrasted here and there with splashes of bold red and blue, in a nod to Maasai patterns, all of which are incorporated into the decor through tasteful design accents such as basketry, natural polished wood for tables and stools, and woven fabrics.
[Image credits/source: Mara Tented River Camp, Lounge Areas – Singita]  
Singita is focused on promoting sustainable living, and operates on a philosophy of offering ‘fewer beds in larger areas’, a practice that continues with the Mara River Tented Camp, which is a sixteen-bed camp set in 98,000 acres of untouched wilderness, home to a wide plain of game, elephant, crocodile and hippo in the Mara River, and big cats. A setting, which offers guests an intimate, secluded getaway.
[Image credits/source: Mara Tented River Camp, top, Bedroom; bottom, Deck – Singita]  
Designed to make the most of the natural surroundings whilst taking care to leave a lighter footprint, sustainability extends to the use of natural and recyclable materials, employed in the building the camp, these include raw leather, wood, stone and canvas. The camp is 100% of the grid, meaning that it is reliable on a central solar power system to convert sunlight into the electricity required.
[Image credits/source: Mara Tented River Camp, Splash Pool – Singita]  
…beautifully designed, it all looks so peaceful and homely
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