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Finding the need that your business will serve

Market research is an important, yet often rushed or ignored, part of planning and running your business. It uncovers the needs of your customers, reveals who your competitors are and what they are doing, and informs the way you position, evolve and expand.

Having worked in the creative industry both on the African continent and in Europe for a range of prestigious, high-end, and luxury brands in the services, lifestyle and hospitality sectors I see the market you are operating in from the perspective of a local designer stepping onto the global stage.

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Must-have information to enter new markets
The bespoke Market Insight Report gathers and presents clear information specific and relevant to the business owner who is in tune with their heritage, yet global in their outlook.

The results:

The outcome of our work together is a complete Market Insight Report that will document the research, opportunities, and insights of your market and recommendations for positioning your business successfully within it.

I’ll walk you through the Report, either in person or over a video call, going through each section of your beautifully designed document to clarify and highlight each area, making sure you understand it thoroughly.

How we will work together:
  • Like most successful relationships, it starts with a conversation via an introductory SKYPE/Zoom call.
  • If we prove to be a perfect fit, you’ll be invited to complete Your Market Opportunity Workbook, giving me as much information as you can.
  • We will then have a Clarity Call to review your vision and needs together.
  • Using the information you provide and my insight and experience I get busy working on crafting your Report.
  • Once complete I deliver your bespoke, beautifully designed Market Insight Report.
  • We then have a call to go through the Report to make sure you are clear on how market opportunities will work for you.
You’re ready if:
  • You’ve been in business for a while and are looking to scale
  • You want to expand into a new sector, country or region
  • You want to showcase at an international tradeshow
  • You’re starting a new business that requires a substantial investment and research to back the idea
  • You want to validate the findings of your own market research
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It’s time to:

Position your business for global success

Embrace opportunities that come your way

Anticipate change and be ready

Stay competitive

Strengthen your customer connections and loyalty

Your investment

Your investment in this service is USD$3257

I offer a payment plan of USD$1741 to get started with the remainder due prior to delivery of the completed work.

Please note: Delivering quality over quantity is very important to me, so to ensure I can give you my full care and attention I only work with a small number of selected clients per quarter.

To enquire, please contact me here.

When the beat of the drum changes, so must the dance

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