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Luxury Africa Travel To Exclusive Boutique Hotel Villa Monticello

Whether you’re a frequent traveller to Ghana or just looking for a stylish luxury Africa travel cityscape, Villa Monticello is an exclusive boutique hotel positioned to tempt the discerning traveller in search of ‘something a little bit different’ without having to compromise on luxury and quality. Situated in the capital, Accra Villa Monticello combines the ambience of luxury Africa travel with the rich culture of Ghana and is a very chic city retreat comprising just fourteen suites, a defining feature that allows the hotel to extend a highly attentive and personalised service to each guest who comes to stay. What sets Villa Monticello apart is that each suite is custom designed making each completely different from the next; a departure from look-a-like hotel rooms that allows guests a totally different experience each time they stay should you opt to choose a different suite; or depending on the length of your stay you could potentially switch things up every few nights.

Exuding its own personality each luxury suite was designed with a theme in mind, the designers drawing inspiration from famous people and well-known places from across the globe; and sees the presidential suites named after and inspired by revered Statesmen; Kwame Nkrumah and Nelson Mandela to the iconic Coco Chanel and Ghana’s legendary Gold Coast. The executive suites take inspiration from exciting and mysterious cities including Morocco’s Marrakesh, France’s Provence, New York’s Soho and Italy’s Lake Como. The junior suites take you on a trip with The Orient Express and to the plains of Africa with Londolozi and Out of Africa.
To help maximise your stay guests can take advantage of a dedicated Concierge service that provides assistance including itineraries, personal shopping, sightseeing, and chauffeur services. Hotel must-haves, swimming pool, fitness centre and an onsite luxury spa are available exclusively for guests only. Vila Monticello boasts an award-winning chef whose gastronomic creations are made using fresh local and regional ingredients, all served to guests in an elegantly appointed restaurant that seats just 28 and is also exclusively for guests only, who can then move onto the intimate cocktail lounge to unwind. However if you have a function in mind, the hotel can be reserved for private events.
…a chic luxury Africa travel haven in the city
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