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Luxury Africa Travel To Adrère Amellal Desert Eco-Lodge

No electricity meaning no lights, no TV and definitely no sockets to charge your phone/laptop/iPod or other media devices, Egyptian luxury eco lodge Adrère Amellal is the ultimate get-a-way from it all; an enchanting luxury Africa travel destination that blends into the spectacular setting of a desert oasis.
[Image source: Adrère Amellal Eco Lodge via Kiwi Collection

An eight hour drive from Cairo, Adrère Amellal emerges out of the desert landscapes of Siwa, Egypt’s largest oasis, which is home to natural hot springs, date palm plantations, salt lakes ancient ruins; and has a strong Berber culture. Adrère Amellal means ‘white mountain’ in the local Berber dialect and signifies the Eco Lodge’s location at the base of a white sandstone mountain. Built into the side of the mountain using mud and salt bricks, Adrère Amellal is a sprawling complex, whose shuttered windows overlook the shimmering salt lake, Lake Siwa. Not unlike an ancient biblical town, an aerial view looks like the Eco Lodge has been carved out of the landscape.
[Image source: Adrère Amellal, Aerial View via Kiwi Collection
Based on the concept of connecting nature and heritage, Adrère Amellal was created by Egyptian environmentalist, Dr Mounir Neamatalla, and is part of a local sustainable development plan, that supports initiatives such as creating sustainable livelihoods and enabling positive conservation efforts within the local area. The construction of the Eco Lodge utilised traditional construction techniques and made use of natural materials. In addition to the mud and salt bricks, palm wood was used, whilst date palms form the roofing. The construction is designed to enable natural ventilation, and a natural spring supplies water to the Eco Lodge and also feeds a swimming pool that is located in the tranquil setting of a palm grove. Handcrafted by local artisans, doors and furniture are made from olive wood.
[Image credits: top, Bedroom; and bottom, Courtyards – Adrère Amellal
The Eco Lodge comprises forty private rooms each different from the other, they vary in size allocated according to the number of guests staying. Some have balconies or roof terraces that come with beds for those wishing to sleep under the stars. Furnishings are simple, yet comfortable; linen sheets on the beds, cushion covered seating areas carved into the walls and the stone floors are covered with locally woven Berber rugs. Guests are encouraged to explore and the Eco Lodge features many nooks and crannies in the form of open courtyards and sun drenched roof terraces.
[Image credit: Pool – Adrère Amellal
A mix of Egyptian and some western dishes, meals are feasts taken in different places, one night atop a roof terrace, the next in an open courtyard. Food is either local or homemade using ingredients from the Eco Lodge’s own organic farm. Breakfast is taken by the lake, and lunch by the shade of the palm trees surrounding the pool. Afternoons bring trips into the desert, and at night the sense of mystery is heightened with the lighting of hundreds of lanterns and candles made from beeswax, placed to light your way around the Eco Lodge.
[Image source: Adrère Amellal Lodge at Dusk via Kiwi Collection
In the stillness of the desert, the ultimate luxury comes from spending time in a place that allows you to just be.
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Rates as shown on the websites below start from around: £282/USD$450 based on two people sharing per night. Food, drink and excursions are all included in the price.

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