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Minku Atelier creates limited edition hand made leather goods and clothing for men and women, and was founded by computer science graduate turned designer Kunmi Otitoju in 2011. Born in Lagos Nigeria, Kunmi’s creativity shone through at school, where she focused on metal and woodwork, and every year in high school winning the fine art prize. Initially pursuing a more technical career she missed working with her hands and so began experimenting with materials finding herself drawn to leather for its ease and practicality to work with. Other materials she works with are fabrics, in particular, așǫ oke, a traditional handwoven Yoruba textile, and paper pulp. The beauty in Kunmi’s designs lies in the details of exquisite hand stitching, luxurious linings, and unexpected finishes.

[I] missed creating with my hands. So I started exploring materials that could excite me to work with, and leather came into the picture for its coolness and because it’s such a Zen material to work with (less noise, dust, etc than metal or woodwork!). 
– Kunmi Otitoju, Minku Atelier