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Jewels Of The Kalahari Ostrich Eggshell Jewellery Made In Africa

Handmade by the San of the Kalahari, Jewels of the Kalahari is a collection of ostrich eggshell jewellery made using the delicate natural shards of the eggs, which are combined with other materials like recycled glass. Upholding craftsmanship and ancient skills, Jewels of the Kalahari was produced by One Fine Thread; a business that was founded by designer Anna Haber as a platform to highlight the rich culture and unique designs found in global arts and craft traditions.
[Image credits: One Fine Thread, Jewels of the Kalahari Collection – 
left, Boo George; right, L-Atitude]

[Image credits: One Fine Thread, Jewels of the Kalahari Collection – CoutureLab]
Anna collaborated with craftswomen from the town of Ghanzi in Botswana and jeweller Sabine Roemer to create long draping strands and twisted ropes of ostrich eggshell jewellery that belie the fragility of the eggshell shards. The ostrich eggshell jewellery designs are organic, emerging from a design and creation process saw the experimentation of new materials like ribbons combined with artistic tradition and heritage. Alongside the natural cream colour of the eggshells are brown and black colours that come from frying the eggshells.

The campaign for the Jewels of the Kalahari strich eggshell jewellery collection is fronted by a local San girl.

Additional details:
Jewels of the Kalahari collection priced at: £385-£745
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