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Fashion: Pyromaniac by mp Be Wear Collection

Pyromaniac by mp [Cameroon]

Pyromaniac - Kay Trench Coat

[Image credits: Kay Trench Coat – Pyromaniac by mp]

The legendary unpredictability of the British weather calls for the need to be prepared at all times when venturing outdoors and gives rise to a spring/summer staple; the trench coat, a wardrobe must-have in classic beige but mix it up with some colourful options for head-turning style. Fusing timeless and with a touch of African glamour and designed to give a flattering chic silhouette, Pyromaniac by mp have a couple of bold, graphic print knee-length trench’s that would look good whether dressed up or down. Hailing from Yaoundé, Cameroon, the driving force behind Pyromaniac is designer and stylist Michèle P who currently resides in Montreal, Canada. This is after a time spent in Paris learning her craft and honing her skills at various ‘maisons de couture’ around the city. Living in three continents combined with various travels and her upbringing has shaped Michèle P’s designs; her mother is a well-known and locally acclaimed fashion designer in Cameroon influencing her love for clothes.

Pyomaniac - Kleio Trench Coat

[Image credits: Kleio Trench Coat – Pyromaniac by mp]

Michèle P’s debut collection entitled ‘Be Wear’ envisions a daring, fiery woman who embraces her femininity and was inspired by the classic 50’s pin-up look characterised by defined busts and cinched in waists, all brought up-to-date with striking prints, embellishment and fabric combinations such as cotton, leather and silk. I was enamored by the simple style and colourful print of the dress below, cute and perfect for summer; and as an added touch you can choose your hemline length from the playful mini to elegant just below the knee.

Pyromaniac - summer dress

[Image credit: Pyromaniac by mp]

…I do love trench coats – they make me feel empowered, sexy and stylish… I guess it’s because I always think they give a polished, often mysterious look to the wearer.

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