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A warm welcome to the Behind The Design podcast, hosted by me, Tapiwa Matsinde. Starting a podcast that shares the stories of designers and creatives from across Africa and in the diaspora has been a dream of my mine for a while, and having finally taken the steps to do so I am so so pleased to finally be able to welcome you to the first episode and season.

Let me start by introducing myself. I am Tapiwa Matsinde, your host. I am curator, consultant, author, content creator and publisher. And I am beyond passionate about shining the spotlight on Africa’s design and creative talent. I have been doing this for a good few years, primarily through my digital platform atelier | 55, which I started in 2010. I set it up to help me bring the work of talented designers, makers, and creatives from the continent and its diaspora to the attention of local and global audiences. I do this because I want the world to see that African design and creativity can hold its own alongside the best. You can find out more about my story her e [add link to about page]

This podcast is all about celebrating the outstanding makers and organisations based on the African continent and beyond, looking at how they are building their businesses and recognising their achievements and contribution to the global design dialogue.

Behind the Design is a space to come to be inspired, to be motivated and above all to learn. Learn from those who may be ahead of you in your creative entrepreneurial journey, on the same level, or are just starting out. Where ever we are in the world starting and running a business has its challenges. And by sharing experiences there are valuable lessons we each can take away to help and encourage us to become better business owners and creatives.

Many of our online tools enable the filtering out of every day realities, making it easy to look at a successful brand and think everything is perfect, but behind every business there are stories of both joys and challenges, the highs and lows, the failures and successes. 

This season I am delighted chat to creatives from the world’s of interiors, fashion, marketing and tech. And in these conversations I think that there is a lot some of us can relate to.

In addition to the audio, every episode is accompanied by show notes, which you can find here on the atelier | 55 website. [add link to podcast page –]

I am so glad you have joined me on this journey and I hope you will continue tuning in. 

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And before you go I have a favour to ask, if you could you take a few minutes to do the three R’s: that is rate it, review it, and recommend it to anyone you feel would benefit. It will really make a difference and I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks again.


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