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I have read way too many blog posts and articles that tell me to build a successful brand my website should look a certain way or that I need to do xyz. The problem is that whilst a lot of what I read does make sense and is usually the same tried and tested advice, I find that there are some things that just don’t resonate with me and when I try out said strategy sometimes it ends up feeling all wrong, not to true to me and what I do. And, that is why it is important to make things work for you, to be authentic to your vision and not just blindly follow the trends of the day.

When I was creating the brand photos for my website I was sucked into the walking down the street, and coffee shop and laptop style. I liked them because that is what I have got used to seeing across social media and so really wanted that style. The problem though is that the style and visual messaging those type of images convey have become too generic, and do nothing for my brand. I mean what does sitting in a coffee shop tell you about what matters to me, not much! So I wasted precious time trying to create this types of images, before accepting that for my brand to stand out and be authentic I needed to have visuals that actually tell the story of what my brand is about. I am not saying what I have is ground-breaking, but what it does is reflect me, my values and what I do and that is what matters. 

The same goes with creating an earlier version of my website. I went for what was considered popular, over what works for me, and it was all wrong. So after ages trying to figure out the template and WordPress (at the time it was my first time using it) a few short months later, I changed it to something the ‘experts’ said I shouldn’t have if I wanted to capture my readers’ attention. My website has since evolved and you know what I am so much happier with it as it reflects everything I do clearly. 

Not discrediting anyone’s advice, but I had to accept that not everything that is recommended will work for my situation. And as you are reading this not everything I write and reflect on in my blog will work for you and that is fine.

There is a lot of information and advice out there some more respectable than others, which can make it difficult to work out what to do. And, is one of the reasons why so many never get started on their entrepreneurial journey. It becomes hard to start, we get so overwhelmed and caught up in thinking we will do it wrong and not wanting to be different. But different if done right is good. It makes you be authentic. The key is to take the information and tweak it to suit your particular vision. 

we… get caught up in thinking we will do it wrong and not wanting to be different. But different if done right is good – Tapiwa Matsinde, Atelier | 55

That is why it is so important to have a brand strategy, do your market research, and especially to know your audience. They are coming to you because you are offering them something they can’t find elsewhere. If you are blogger it could be your writing style and tone of voice that appeals, for a photographer your signature image style.

So do not be afraid to change what makes you and your brand you. Don’t be afraid to be authentic and do what feels right. Doing this can and will lose you some of your audience, but if this happens they were most likely not your true audience in the first place. And in their place, you will gain those who are drawn to your authenticity.

Do you find yourself following the crowd and getting sucked into trends that are not necessarily right for your brand, or are you staying true to yourself? Would love to know in the comments.


[Image credit: The image shown belongs to Tapiwa Matsinde/Atelier | 55. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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