Art: Freestanding Wire Sculptures by Gavin Worth

Gavin Worth [Zimbabwe]

Gavin Worth - Corpus Callosum Front

It took me a heartbeat before I realised that what I was looking at was not in fact large-scale line drawings on a stark white wall, but instead freestanding wire sculptures that look like someone just took a pencil and started sketching in mid-air. The evocative, three-dimensional drawings are the work of artist Gavin Worth, whom I came across a few days ago courtesy of Aphro Chic.

Gavin Worth - Corpus Callosum Side

[Image credits: Corpus Callosum Front and Side View – Gavin Worth]

Gavin was born in Zimbabwe, grew up in New Mexico, and currently lives in Cairo where he is teaching at the American International School. Self-taught, Gavin cites a life long passion for drawing, sculpture, and painting that began when he first saw the ‘Head of Leda’, a work by the Italian Renaissance artist, Michelangelo in a library book. You can see the influences in the fluid strokes and detailing of the images created. 

Gavin Worth - Hands Clasped

[Image credits: Hands Clasped – Gavin Worth]

Through his work Gavin seeks to capture simple human moments; moments that are both beautiful and unguarded, and often fleeting such as a breeze gently lifting an arm, or a woman brushing her hair back. The sculptures are created to engage and draw in the viewer, viewing from different angles can bring forth changes to the initial viewpoint; as can the subtle effects in the surrounding space, such as shifting natural light, can affect the mood.

Morning Pose - Gavin Worth
Her Back - Gavin Woth

[Image credits: top, Morning Pose; bottom, Her Back – Gavin Worth]

It is hard enough trying to sketch on paper; bending wire to achieve the same effect of minimal fluid strokes comes across as quite a difficult, labour intensive process; however, a short video on Gavin’s blog gives a glimpse into the process of creating his seemingly single stroke sculptures. Mounted onto a base, the nature of the sculptures allows for flexibility within interior and exterior spaces; as, unlike static drawings you could move the sculptures around maximising on different backdrops and thereby constantly updating the feel of the space.

Additional details:
For further information about Gavin Worth visit: www.gavinworth.com

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