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Akosua Afriyie Kumi AAKS Fashion Designer Raffia Handbags and interior light pendants

While living abroad a trip home to Ghana and seeing the baskets being sold along the roadsides led fashion graduate Akosua Afriyie-Kumi on a journey to take the ancestral weaving know how and refresh it with a modern design sensibility. The result being her luxury ethical fashion and lifestyle label A A K S, which launched in 2014. Now based in Ghana Akosua collaborates with local weavers in Northern Ghana, a region renowned for its high standard of basket weaving. Characterised by the brand’s signature of bright, bold colours A A K S’ bag collections are sophisticated yet playful. And moving beyond fashion A A K S has produced a collection of light pendants for interiors, created in collaboration with UNHCR and a community of Tuareg women refugees living in Burkina Faso. This lighting collection illuminates the ethos at heart of A A K S in providing sustainable jobs, and fostering a sense of purpose, identity and belonging among those the brand works with. Through A A K S Akosua is using her designs and the artisans skills to change perceptions of high-end products made in Africa, in the process building an African brand ethically and conscientiously one handbag at a time.

People want to buy into products which have a story and connect to the person who actually made it.
– Akosua Afriyie-Kumi, AAKS