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If you are a lover of beautiful design, inspirational editorials, peeps into other peoples homes for a dose of African inspired interior design inspiration and boundless African creativity then make room in your life for Moyi, a brand new quarterly modern Afro lifestyle magazine that curates the best in design, decor, architecture, arts, travel, beauty, fashion and food showcasing and celebrating the work of talented individuals of African heritage. Moyi means sun in Lingala, a language spoken in Central Africa. And through its colourful, elegantly designed pages Moyi shines the light on the exceptional creativity and lifestyle defining a modern Africa. Taking readers on a journey across the continent and into the diaspora in the pages of Moyi meet a wide range of industry game-changers, innovative designers and highly skilled artisans and be inspired by whole sections dedicated to the stylish and sophisticated products being created, made in or inspired by Africa.


When I first started the blog, there were not many platforms focusing on contemporary African design, African fashion commanded the spotlight and whilst it still continues to do so a lot more attention has been directed towards design, art, architecture, literature, music, food, luxury, and modern social culture and as the industry has grown and continued to develop it has been great to see the emergence of magazines like Moyi as a show of support. And on a personal note, I am honoured to have been a contributor to such an inspirational and much-needed magazine. And see to it come to fruition and the promise it holds is truly special.



With stockists stretching from the US to Asia Moyi aims to change the way the world views Africa, to see the continent and people in a different light, one that is progressive, forward-looking, innovative and overflowing with boundless creativity. Not turning away from the challenges that still affect Africa Moyi dedicates sections of the magazine to highlight the pressing issues lest we forget the part each of us has, no matter how small, in making things better for all.

Moyi magazine is available in both print and digital formats, as well as in French and English versions. For a list of stockists that is being added to on a regular basis do visit the Moyi Magazine website to find your nearest.
…Moyi magazine shining the light on beautiful modern Afro lifestyle
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