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Design: Artlantique Gives Discarded Fishing Boats a New Lease of Life

Artlantique [Senegal]

Artlantique  - Commode Thies

[Image credit: Commode Thies – Artlantique]

Weathered by the elements, wood salvaged from old or discarded fishing boats is given a new lease of life as contemporary furniture collections, whilst retaining the hallmarks of its former life. Along the coasts of West Africa, fishermen have long been a common sight, making daily trips into the ocean in brightly coloured narrow boats crafted by highly skilled craftsmen; and it is this connection between fishing and carpentry that inspired Artlantique to produce its distinctive and colourful furniture, which design in Spain by Ramón Llonch and handcrafted in Senegal by a team of master craftsmen.

The boats are made from untreated Samba wood and feature layer upon layer of paint as fresh coats and designs are added over the lifespan of the boat. Artlantique works with local craftsmen and their apprentices to produce the furniture pieces from the reclaimed wood. Boats that have passed their useful life are bought from the fishermen, transported to the Artlantique workshop where the craftsmen decide how best to utilise the wood, taking into consideration the size of the boat and colour combinations. 

Artlantique - Fauteuil Palmarin

Artlantique - Lompoul

[Image credits: top, Fauteuil Palmarin; bottom, Lompoul – Artlantique]

No two boats are ever the same, making each Artlantique furniture piece unique. The designs are simple relying on the illustrations and layers of peeling paint to add character and texture, in the process telling the stories of livelihoods; thousands of nautical miles spent riding the waves; and those of the people that carved them to withstand the daily demands of carrying fishermen and their catch.

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