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Accessories: Model-Turned-Designer Armando Cabral

Armando Cabral [Guinea-Bissau]

Armando Cabral - Spring Summer 2012

[Image credit: Armando Cabral Suede Loafers – Henry Hargreaves]

Today is officially the first day of Spring, a day that is beautifully bright and sunny but still with a crisp freshness in the air, however you can not escape that wonderful sense of renewal; colours seem sharper and there is a lightness to everything. Speaking of colours a range of suede loafers by model-turned-footwear designer Armando Cabral stylishly capture the essence of spring…aren’t the shades just gorgeous…and they look so soft. A lifelong passion for shoes, combined with a decade long career as an international model, an academic background in business and an eye for luxury led Armando to create a range of classically styled shoes that embody sophisticated dressing for the modern man. Born in Guinea-Bissau Armando grew up in Lisbon, Portugal and launched his eponymous label in 2009 upon relocating to New York City. Reflective of his personal style developed throughout his modelling career, the resulting shoe designs bring together Armando’s personal tastes and modern metropolitan lifestyle; capturing personality, style, quality and individualism.


[Image source: Armando Cabral – Wing Chip Leather Shoes via Styloko]

Armando Cabral epitomises modern takes on classic men’s footwear with an international appeal, styles range from casual to smart comprising elegant dress shoes to contemporary takes on the sneaker. The spring/summer 2012 collection also brings some colourful sandals in addition to the loafers. The shoes are manufactured in Italy by master shoemakers and are designed not only to look good on the outside but also be comfortable to wear.

…footwear for the modern man about town

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For further information about Armando Cabral footwear visit: www.armando-cabral.com

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