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A Stylish Meeting Place R Bar + Lounge Radisson Blu Lagos Ikeja

RBar + Lounge Radisson Blue Lagos Ikeja

Situated inside the Radisson Blu Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos the R Bar & Lounge is a chic space to meet up with friends and colleagues for a relaxed evening of cocktails or informal business chats.  

Exuding the best in contemporary decor warm brown and honeyed caramel tones create a cosy, inviting setting. Wood-panelled walls give the bar and executive lounge area an intimate feel and provide a display area for tastefully selected local art and crafts objects. 

RBar + Lounge Radisson Blue Lagos Ikeja

The intimate feel is further enhanced by ambient lighting. Look up and your gaze will meet dozens of elegant light pendants in varying heights and shapes, adding visual interest and a touch of drama to the space. Patterned and plain cushions in contrasting colours complement the neutral-hued soft furnishings and furniture.

RBar + Lounge Radisson Blue Lagos Ikeja

Business guests can take advantage of an Executive Lounge offering more privacy.

RBar + Lounge Radisson Blue Lagos Ikeja

With a snooker table and pool area on hand, The R Bar has become a popular place for those looking to unwind after work.

– Tapiwa

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For further information about the RBar visit: www.radissonhotels.com

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