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This Is What Happens When You Choose To Dream Big

Seven years ago I made a major career shift and started a blog with vague ideas of what I wanted to do as a career, and no idea of how I was going to get there. About to complete my Masters a careers advisor told me they could not help me. I was on my own. So I made a list of all things I wanted to try out, adding to it over the years; some worked, some failed and some that I ended up working on were not even on my list, to begin with. One of the things […]

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What To Do When Your Mind Says No More

When you are slogging away in the trenches, some days all you want is to hurry up and be successful already! For the results to come now not in a week, month or several years time. Today was one of the days for me. I was feeling tired and irritable after several consecutive days of having my nose to the grindstone with a number of deadlines on the go, coupled with a sudden September heatwave. With the air humid and heavy my mind simply couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t even read a book, which for me is saying a […]

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The Power Of Self-Belief

One of the hardest things about starting a business and putting your product or service out into the world is having the self-belief that you can do this. And self-belief much like the fear of failure can hold us back from fully realising our visions. Our self-belief is attacked by self-depreciating words and statements such as ‘I can’t do that’, ‘I am not good enough’, ‘What if I fail’, ‘They are more successful than me’, ‘What if no-one likes it’, ‘Who am I to be doing this’ and so on.

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Everyone’s Entrepreneurial Journey Is Different So Follow Your Own Path

Most of us aspire to make our lives, both personal and professional, better, working hard to achieve our version of success. When starting or running a business we have that vision in our heads, but sometimes we can detour especially when challenges come and things don’t seem to be happening as fast as we would like. And, that’s when the success stories, the ‘picture perfect’ lives played out in social media and seemingly rapid progression of others can further distract us from our purpose. I love seeing and applauding what other’s are achieving, it never fails to motivate me to […]

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