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Mental Health – Depression and the Creative Industries

Research points to a higher incidence of depression in the creative industries. As a creative entrepreneur it is important to look after your well-being. I was watching a segment on CNN where Christiane Amanpour was interviewing Sir Andrew Lloyd Weber about his distinguished career in musical theatre. In it Sir Lloyd referred to his struggle with depression, making the statement that every creative gets depression at some point or other. This made me pause. I have heard it said that those in the creative industries are three times more likely to get depressed* (*stats relate to the UK). So why […]

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Using The Seasonal Slower Pace To Relax, Recharge And Reflect

As a creative entrepreneur, you may ask yourself if there is ever a good time to stop what you are doing for a minute and take stock? In Europe August is dubbed the silly season, high summer, families on holiday, and depending on the industry you are in a lot of businesses see this as the time to wind down, take things slow for a few weeks and in some cases even shut up shop as said to be the case in parts of Southern Europe! This is a time to relax and mentally recharge before things pick up again […]

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Be Still – Take Some Time To Do Nothing And Just Be

Most of us don’t know how to be still anymore. And by still I mean taking some time to do nothing and just be. Whether that’s lying down and letting our minds drift or walking aimlessly and really hearing the birds sing. When was the last time you looked up at the clouds and actually watched them drift lazily across the sky, or truly felt the caress of a gentle breeze tickling your skin?

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