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Architect and Furniture Designer Moran Munyuthe on Design, Inspiration and Working for Yourself

Architect and furniture designer Moran Munyuthe is the founder of the Saba Studios, a studio, workshop and retail outlet based on the island of Lamu where he works in partnership with local craftsmen to create heirloom-quality furniture inspired by local design and motifs. We caught up with him to get an insight into furniture design, running a workshop and shop and the journey of working for yourself.

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Kilubukila on Building A Business Whilst Working the 9-5

Last December whilst showcasing our books at the Africa Centre Christmas Market Pop Up we found ourselves neighbours with a furniture design business called Kilubukila, and subsequently got chatting to the founder Jess Kilubu. Jess is among an ever-increasing number of people following their dreams by starting a business whilst working the 9-5 and we invited him to share his motivations and experiences of his creative entrepreneurial journey so far.

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Product Designer Thabisa Mjo Talks Competitions, Design And Business

Thabisa Mjo the founder of Mash T. Design Studio in Johannesburg was a winner of the Nandos Young Hot Designer in 2016, wowing the judges with her show-stopping Tutu 2.0 pendant light, inspired by the Xibelani skirt worn by Tsonga women. Thabisa’s work is a mix of modern design and a celebration of culture referenced in the shapes, patterns, and textures she uses. Winning the competition gave her the confidence to go out and enter more and also showcase her work locally and internationally. She speaks to us about her journey to building a successful design studio.

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Q&A With Pop Up Africa Founder Jessica Laditan

Global interest in all things Africa continues to grow thanks in part to dedicated exhibitions and events that help to introduce the continent’s diverse offerings to new audiences. In the UK Pop Up Africa is one such series of events, usually comprising a mix of a vibrant market and delectable food stalls, and where we had the opportunity to showcase ou sister brand Shoko Press books at one of their events over the summer. Events like these take a lot of behind the scenes planning, hard work, and passion. And to find out more we caught up with Pop Up Africa founder […]

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Q&A With Award-Winning Kenyan Digital Artist Osborne Macharia

The rapid advancement of digital technology brings forth diverse creative expressions, such as digital art that continue to astound and amaze us. Digital art has given a powerful voice to Africa’s emerging creative talent allowing for ta relative ease of dissemination and in the process attracting global attention towards stories and images that speak of life in a modern continent. Kenyan digital artist Osborne Macharia, founder of K63.STUD/O is one of those rising talents whose mastery of the digital medium has let to collaborations and commissions with high-profile local and global brands and agencies such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, Kenya […]

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Nelsa Guambe Talks Art, Design and Sustainability

Nelsa Guambe is a self-taught artist who lives and works in Maputo, Mozambique. She is primarily a painter whose work moves beyond the canvas to incorporate product design, where working in collaboration with a local design studio, Piratas Do Pau Guambe’s colourful and surreal images help to transform discarded water heaters collected from the city’s streets into distinctive functional products such as wine racks and lighting. Guambe’s work is part of the IFA Pure Gold exhibition, a traveling exhibition which explores rubbish and its use in sustainable design to create objects of value in design.

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Adora Mba, The Afropolitan Collector On Contemporary African Art

Contemporary African art is an exciting dynamic movement, that continues to make its mark on the global stage. As the names of existing talent and emerging stars command greater attention, the African art industry as a whole is responding in kind with galleries springing up across the continent; prestigious auction houses hosting evenings dedicated to the work of Africa’s artists; and art fairs such as 1:54 connecting artists, galleries and buyers. To find out more about this exciting scene we caught up with Adora Mba, art consultant and founder of The Afropolitan Collector to talk life as an art consultant, collecting […]

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Interview With Kossi Aguessy Visionary Designer And Artist

In March 2015, I had the privilege of interviewing designer and artist Kossi Aguessy in which we discussed his work, career, inspirations, and aspirations to date. The exchange was both inspirational and an insightful look into the workings of a complex mind. 1. Tell me a bit about yourself: your background, how you came to design as a career, setting up your studio, and the motivation behind working for yourself as opposed to working for someone else? I grew up in an environment, which was not as one might say truly inclined to favor artistry, a brotherhood of four more focused […]

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Interview: Illustrator Michelle Njeri Cuthbert On Working With Footwear Designers

Working on Fashion Illustration Africa provided a behind the scenes look into the work, inspirations, experiences, and styles of the illustrators we were privileged enough to feature. It was so interesting to see the differing interpretations, and in particular, the contributions these illustrators are making towards growing a commercial African fashion illustration industry by connecting with African fashion brands both on the continent and internationally. Therefore when we caught a first look at the collaboration between textile designer and one of our featured fashion illustrators Michelle Njeri Cuthbert and the luxury footwear brand MO SAÏQUE we caught up with Michelle to find […]

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