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As a creative entrepreneur, you may ask yourself if there is ever a good time to stop what you are doing for a minute and take stock?

In Europe August is dubbed the silly season, high summer, families on holiday, and depending on the industry you are in a lot of businesses see this as the time to wind down, take things slow for a few weeks and in some cases even shut up shop as said to be the case in parts of Southern Europe!

This is a time to relax and mentally recharge before things pick up again in preparation for the Christmas season, one of, if not the most busiest time of year for a lot of businesses.

The slower pace is also a good time to take stock and reflect on what your brand has achieved so far, what could be done better and to identify the areas of opportunity you have been unable to properly focus on. Whilst this may seem like an exercise better suited to the new year, given the propensity for resolutions and all that, the new year tends to see businesses raring to go after the holidays if you are lucky enough to have some time off then, as well as the start of the key trade shows, and the deadline for submissions of tax returns if you are in the UK.

So in between the holiday time why not set aside a few hours to conduct a simple Brand Audit. A Brand Audit is an exercise to determine the strength of your brand, how effective it is in the market place and how it compares against its competitors. The process does not have to be complicated, and if you have done your six monthly goals review you should have a good idea of where you are doing well and where you need to focus on. It will make coming back less of a challenge of where to begin again.

Conducting your brand audit, however, does not have to be restricted to August! You know when your quietest times are, so make a note to take advantage of the time.

Once done then let go of work for a bit and get ready to take a well-deserved break and embrace a slower pace.

Happy holidays

– Tapiwa

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