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The newsletter of textile designer Eva Sonaike introduced me to a stylish range of African inspired cooking utensils by The Aga Concept, a design and lifestyle brand that is inspired by culture and everyday living in Africa. For a lot of Zimbabweans living abroad, and most likely for a lot of Africans in general, cooking traditional food is simply not the authentic experience we crave without the traditional utensils from home, usually brought back on every trip, because buying and using that wooden spoon or pestle and mortar from your local store is somehow just not the same. Our traditional utensils have been created just right for producing each dish. And this is the ethos behind The Aga Concept’s beautiful collection of ergonomically design cooking utensils inspired by African culture.



The African inspired cooking utensils collection was designed and produced by Nigerian designer and interior architect, Olubunmi Adeyemi, who founded the Aga Concept in 2010 with aim of embracing his heritage and combining it with a less is more approach to hectic modern lifestyles. Àga takes its name from the Yoruba word for a functional object or piece of furniture. The Aga Concept takes every utensils and streamlines them with contemporary minimalist design aesthetics for modern living, whilst ensuring that the African traditions behind each piece is not lost. In keeping with the streamlined aesthetic each product design is kept simple, made from locally sourced wood and finished with a playful band of bright colour on the handle tips. The collection includes spoons, spice pods, handle bowls, chopping boards, and pestle and mortar.





[Image credits: The Aga Concept Utensils from top, Mortar and Pestle;
Large Wooden Spoon; Turning Stick; Handle Bowl; Large Wooden Stick – WallpaperSTORE]


The Aga Concept, traditional African cooking utensils updated for modern kitchens, and not just for cooking or for African food are perfect for entertaining too.


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