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Using The Seasonal Slower Pace To Relax, Recharge And Reflect

As a creative entrepreneur, you may ask yourself if there is ever a good time to stop what you are doing for a minute and take stock? In Europe August is dubbed the silly season, high summer, families on holiday, and depending on the industry you are in a lot of businesses see this as the time to wind down, take things slow for a few weeks and in some cases even shut up shop as said to be the case in parts of Southern Europe! This is a time to relax and mentally recharge before things pick up again […]

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BOOK REVIEW: Never Too Late to be Great

We live in a world that celebrates youth and the underlying message that if you haven’t made it by a certain age you never will. Living in an online world driven by a youthful audience of digitally savvy Millenials and Gen Z’s means they inevitably make up a large portion of the success stories we now see and read. Not knocking Millenials and upcoming  Gen Z’s -I think it is great to see a generation unafraid to embrace entrepreneurship- but you could be forgiven for thinking entrepreneurship is a young person’s game. Because for those outside these demographics it can […]

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The Secret to Increasing Your Productivity

A few weeks back I wrote about Managing To Do Lists, and to complement the management of my own To Do List, I am also using the Pomodoro® Technique, and I feel that am getting a lot more done. It may actually just be all in the mind! but, seriously I do find that having several projects on the go at any one time, along with the tasks that come with running a business I sometimes struggle to get focused and find that endless To-Do Lists can end up hindering rather than helping my progress. One of my goals for the New […]

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Tips On How To Successfully Manage Your To-Do Lists

A few weeks ago I was going through my iPad Notes app archiving and deleting the notes I no longer needed, when I came across no less than three lengthy To Do lists, all with pretty much the same information. Added to that I also have Trello boards with, you guessed it the same information (-For those that don’t know Trello is a very useful project management app). This means that I am spending my time repetitively noting things down and not always doing the work I am reminding myself to do. How counter-productive, and no wonder I find myself feeling overwhelmed, and unproductive at […]

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Pace Yourself For Success

In a world where everything seems to be about rushing, rushing to be first to market, the next great tech company, overnight success, or whatever it may be, it can be easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. That true success takes time, hard work, commitment, and the ability to pace yourself. Having spoken about getting your product or service out into the world as quickly as you can in my previous post – Is The Pursuit Of Perfection Holding You Back? it may seem contradictory to now talk about the need to pace yourself. But the two go hand-in-hand in […]

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Is The Pursuit Of Perfection Holding You Back?

Done is better than perfect is a phrase that has been floating around the internet for a long time, and refers to the need to let go of the pursuit of perfection and get your product or service to an acceptable point (often referred to as an MVP – Minimum Viable Product) where it can be up and running quickly enough for you to enter the market and get valuable feedback as opposed to spending all your valuable time perfecting and tweaking it, and then finding out no one wants it!

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