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Reform Studio is a sustainable Egyptian product and furniture design studio born out of a belief that design can help address challenging social issues, namely the problem of accumulating waste in Egypt. Reform Studio was founded by Hend Riad and Mariam Hazem who along with design researcher Dina Amin started out by experimenting with various solutions and products to tackle the issue, and ended up creating Plastex, an award-winning eco-material made by weaving discarded plastic bags and threads.
[Main image credit: Ahwa Collection – Reform Studio]


“Reform Studio aims to create responsible and thoughtful products. We design for a better life. We design for a cause”.  – Reform Studio


Grammy's Collection - Reform Studio

[Image credits: Grammy’s Collection – Reform Studio]
Plastex is a strong and durable material, and the colours it comes in are very contemporary. Reform Studio is currently using the material to upcycle chairs, benches and stools by re-upholstering them with the material. The project is also helping to revive Egypt’s weaving industry.
[Image credit: Re collection Stool  – Reform Studio]
Contemporary African design, made in Egypt and supporting sustainable change globally.
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