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Stoned Cherrie Fashionable South African Ceramic Homeware

Stoned Cherrie - Black and white teapot and teacup

I love a good cup of tea, and for me any time is teatime! So was rather taken with some quirky teapots and teacups courtesy of Stoned Cherrie. The renowned South African brand is branching into the homeware sector, launching a range of hand painted South African ceramic homeware that embody the Stoned Cherrie Afro-chic spirit. After a decade of producing some of African fashion’s most iconic collections Stoned Cherrie’s founder, Nkhensani Nkosi is ready to expand the company beyond fashion borders reaching further into the consumer lifestyle sector and having already taken first steps with its furnishing fabric ranges. The realisation of the ceramics range takes Nkhensani’s artistic endeavours of dabbling in pottery and painting from personal to public.

Stoned Cherrie - black and white ceramics

[Image credits: top and bottom right, Times Live; bottom left, VISI – Stoned Cherrie Ceramics]
Continuing Stoned Cherrie’s love affair with retro inspiration the design aesthetic is bold, rich in pattern and sees the ceramics painted with geometric shapes and patterns centred on the shape of the heart; the universal symbol for love and are mainly painted in black and white colours enhanced with brown, ochre and aqua accents. In developing the range Nkhensani was inspired by the concept of creation; exploring unity and the oneness of spirit that relate to the fact that no matter who or where you are in the world, love is at our core.

Stoned Cherrie - Ceramics range

You will however have to wait a while to get your hands on them, the Stoned Cherrie South African ceramic homeware range is currently being shown at trade fairs and will only be available to purchase from Stoned Cherrie online in February 2012.

…visually striking and fashionable South African ceramic homeware

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