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 Senegalese jewellery designer Ngone, is best known for her avant-garde creations, which I have featured previously on Atelier Fifty-Five. She now introduces a new collection exuding luxurious femininity that includes jewellery pieces that can be transformed into hair accessories.


“My collections are feminine, timeless and rich in universal influences. Citizen of the world, I draw my inspiration from different cultures” – Ngone


Senegalese Jewellery Designer Ngone Handmade Jewels featured on Atelier Fifty Five African Design Blog


[Image credits: Main, Paradiscale Necklace; top, Astral bracelet and hair accessory;
bottom, Eden Shadow Headband – Ngone]
Inspired by different cultures, the Senegalese jewellery designer’s shimmering handmade jewels designs are inspired by haute couture drawing on Paris, the city where Ngone lives and works; the elegance of her African heritage; and global travels. Shimmering crystals in vibrant colours, luxurious silks and ribbons, and semi-precious stones and metals are all incorporated into the new collection.
Designed by Ngone, each piece is limited edition, crafted to a high standard in French ateliers.


Additional details:
For further information about Ngone, and to purchase visit:
[Image credits: All images belong to Ngone. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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