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SCP Blocks and Peaks Basket Collection Made In Africa

These gorgeously colourful and practical basket made in Africa are the result of a cross-cultural collaboration between the Malawian-based creative social enterprise, People of the Sun and British designer Donna Wilson. The collection entitled ‘Blocks and Peaks’ was created exclusively for SCP, a leading UK manufacturer and retailer of modern innovate furniture.
[Main image credit:Blocks and Peaks Basket Collection –
Donna Wilson and People of the Sun for SCP]

[Image credits: clockwise from top, Blocks Small Bowl;
Peaks Vase; and Blocks Linen Basket – Donna Wilson and People of the Sun for SCP]
The collection comprises two main designs of either ‘blocks’ or ‘peaks’, hence the name of the collection. The collection was designed by Donna Wilson and made in Africa, handwoven in Malawi by the highly skilled weavers of the Mango Club, a local cooperative that People of the Sun supports.
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