Ihaya Light Pendant


Large and flat in a vibrant yellow colour that radiates the heat of the sun the Ihaya light pendant is based on a planetary symbol of nomadic Tuareg life through the Sahara suggesting boundless boundaries.

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Material/Components: Natural Straw, Hand Dyed Cotton Yarns, Hammered Bronze cup and Wrapped Leather.

Size: H: 5cm W: 55cm

Additional: Each pendant is sold separately without wiring or bulbs. A bronze suspension ring is provided to hold wire and bulb in place once assembled. LED bulbs are recommended


Made in Burkina Faso

Ships from Ghana

Order times: This product is handmade to order and orders need to be made at least 1 month before the intended delivery date


Why it’s special…

Straw and textiles are woven together using traditional weaving techniques to create a stylishly modern silhouette to enhance your interior space. The pendant celebrates the beauty in craftsmanship and is based on a planetary symbol that reveals the way of life of a refugee Tuareg community in Burkina Faso. The Tuareg are nomadic peoples who move through the Sahara and the form and design of the pendant refer to boundless boundaries. More than just a stylish interior accessory the Bella light pendant has woven within it the story of our shared humanity. And by bringing this beautiful piece home you are helping a woman in a displaced community to find a sense of purpose, identity and belonging and the ability to provide for herself and her family.


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