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You’ve probably heard by now that writing a guest post or sharing your expertise on someone else’s podcast is a great way to boost your profile. And, more importantly, get you in front of your desired audience.

‘All well and good’, I hear you say, ‘…but how do I actually go about it?’ Putting yourself out there and asking for something can be scary particularly if like me you are the introvert type. But no need to fear, I’ve got you. With my Pitch Your Way To Visibility Course I will have you feeling confident to go out there and share your story with the world!

One of the biggest mistakes newbie business owners make (and established ones too I might add!) is to sit back and hope [insert name] magazine or podcast will notice them and reach out with an offer to appear on their platform. It very rarely works like that I’m afraid.

You have to take the initiative,
and go out there and ask for the opportunities

So yes you heard right. Pitching to appear on someone else’s platform is a great way to grow your reputation and get you noticed in a crowded marketplace. But only if you do it right. And by right I don’t mean following a rigid formula. Instead by creating a process that works for you. A process that lets your authentic true self shine through, and makes those you are pitching to, want to work with you. And that is what my Pitch Your Way To Visibility Course will help you to do.

You will learn …

  • The benefits of pitching and why it is an essential part of your marketing strategy
  • How to prepare to pitch
  • How to reach out to the right people
  • How to craft and send a pitch

What’s included:

  • Engaging video lessons where I guide you through the pitching process, sharing my expertise, practical tips and personal experiences of pitching
  • An accompanying workbook to start putting what you learn into practice- no passive learning here!
  • Spreadsheet templates to record your progress and keep you on track
  • Pitch letter templates to help you craft the perfect message
  • The course slides in a handy downloadable PDF
  • A Printable Checklist 

Pitch Your Way To Visibility is self-paced, meaning it is ready to start when you are. And with lifetime access to the course as long as it is live you can go as fast or slow as you like.

So my question to you is…
Are you ready to start getting noticed?

Pitch Your Way To Visibility is open for enrollment