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Novica Ghana Artisans African Christmas Decorations

December’s here and out come the trees and decorations. My sister and her kids put their’s up yesterday; a luxurious black tree draped with tinsel and baubles in various gold, brandy and bronze tones that pick up and reflect her muted side lights; bringing a warm glow to her living room. If you are looking for some African Christmas decorations inspiration for your tree this season, I found these miniature hand-carved West African masks and figurines on the artisan marketplace, NOVICA. Made in Ghana, the wooden ornaments are a departure from the standard mass produced tree decorations, bringing a more personal touch. Suspended from leather loops miniature wooden masks crafted in fine detail celebrate the art of the Ewe people of Ghana, and are the work of wood carver, Victor Yao Delanyo who Victor started working with his brother-in-law, a master carver before setting up independently working with ten master carvers. Victor uses Sese wood combining some of his designs with the brass accents. Available in a set of four there are two ranges to choose from: ‘Celebration Masks’ and ‘Festive Masks’. With many other products available on NOVICA, Victor’s carvings have been exhibited in the US, France, Belgium and Australia.

Adorn your tree with a set of six miniature figurines from wood carver Francis Agbete who comes from a family of traditional wood carvers and grew up helping his father in his workshop when he required assistance. Francis started to carve his own designs to earn money for his education and opened his own workshop at a local Craft Village. Running all aspects of the business combined with full time study became difficult so Francis took on his sister and cousin to help out with the selling and as a bonafide family business has opened a new workshop not only exhibiting his own work, but that of his father too.
Collectively their products have exhibited at local and international wood and art fairs. Carved from Onyina wood, said to be a very soft wood, Francis bring two ranges of African Christmas decorations to the NOVICA marketplace, the first is entitled ‘Sweet Angels’ and the second ‘Welcoming Band’. The musicians play on various instruments including drums, the flute and a keyboard heralding the joyful side of the season. The ornaments hang from jute strings and the natural colours seen on the figures comes from the different parts of the wood. The ornaments would all look great with combined with strings of natural wooden beads, pine cones and other carved baubles for a natural look or sitting alongside your usual decorations.

NOVICA is the global artisans marketplace the helps bridge a gap to finding suitable retail opportunities for artisans around the globe. Working in partnership with National Geographic NOVICA has sourcing offices based around the global enabling the teams to work directly with artisans to bring high quality and unique products to customers. NOVICA’s philosophy is one of enabling customers to know who made their gift and helping to form deeper attachment.

…African Christmas decorations heartfelt in their simplicity bringing a unique touch to traditional festive decor

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Ornaments priced at: USD$39.95-1 USD$42.99
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