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Luxury South African textiles and lifestyle brand Halsted introduced The Ardmore Collection of textiles and interior accessories to an audience of interior industry professionals and journalists, with an intimate afternoon champagne tea at the Patrick Mavros store in London. The collection of textiles, interior furnishings and furniture on display were inspired by the iconic imagery, bold colour, and witty spirit of the world-renowned ceramic studio Ardmore Ceramic Art, which is the sister company to Halsted.


The Ardmore Collection was inspired by and developed in collaboration with the artisans of Ardmore Ceramic Art and features eight complementary textile designs, each with their own unique story. The Bird Crossing of a cross and four birds formed the anchor design for the collection, paving the way for the ethereal Hippo Flower, Sprig Stripe, Monkey Palm, Protea Fields featuring South Africa’s national flower, Leopard Lights, Croco and Wonderboy Wisdom, a poignant collection that features short stories, messages and inscribings by Wonderboy Nxumalo, an Ardmore artist who had a passion for art and poetry. The texts document Wonderboy’s life and the reality of living with HIV/AIDs, the disease that claimed his life in 2008. A percentage of the Wonderboy fabrics collection goes to his mother and an AIDS Orphanage in Kwa-Zulu Natal.


Modern South African Textiles The Ardmore Collection by Halsted Design


Monkey palm oasis Ardome Atelier Fifty Five Feature


Modern South African Textiles The Ardmore Collection by Halsted


Wonderboy Collection Modern South African Textiles The Ardmore Collection by Halsted


[Image credits: The Ardmore Collection from top, Croco Persimmon; Monkey Palm Oasis;
Hippo Flower Teal; Wonderboy Bleached Linen – Halsted]


At the centre of The Ardmore, collection is the Qalakabusha Ottoman, a limited-edition furniture piece that incorporates many of the bold and colourful elements seen throughout the collection. The Qalakabusha Ottoman is the follow-up to Halsted’s first critically acclaimed design piece the Qalakabusha Sofa.


uxury South African textiles and furniture design Halsted The Ardmore Collection Limited Edition Qalakabusha Ottoman

[Image credit: The Ardmore Collection, Qalakabusha Ottoman – Halsted]


Halsted was formed in September 2013 by Fleur Heyns, Jonathan Berning and Ardmore Ceramic Art founder Fée Halsted. Through Halsted Design and Ardmore the founders seek to bring the African roots of both businesses to interior spaces and in the process transform African art into global design.


…contemporary African textiles that tell a story


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For further information and order enquires about Halsted visit:

In Europe, the Ardmore collection is exclusively available at Colony in London


[Image credits: All images belong to Halsted. If downloaded and used elsewhere please credit accordingly.]

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