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Maji Umbrellas Take Cover And Help Provide Clean Water

Living in the UK with its unpredictable weather, it goes without saying having an umbrella is a necessity and it is easy to through many in quick succession in the course of a year, hoping each new purchase will serve its purpose of keeping you dry and be not blown away when confronted with a bit of wind. Inevitably there are many styles to choose from, and the latest entry in the market is Maji Umbrellas whose ethos is to create sturdy, stylish umbrellas that do more than just keep you dry.
[Image credit: Maji Umbrellas – left, Moonshade; right Blue Sahara]

Maji Umbrellas was founded by Canadian/Somali model and activist, Ubah Hassan, and Dr Eric Dessner; and was the response to a need to find a way to fund sustainable solutions to the problems of water supply affecting the Horn of Africa, and other parts of the world stricken by drought. Maji means water in Swahili, and sales of Maji Umbrellas help towards providing sources of clean water to affected communities throughout the region. Through a partnership with Oxfam America, purchasing a Maji umbrella results in a day’s clean water supply to 20 people. The impact of access to clean water and supply is a personal one for Ubah, who left a war torn Somalia at the age of seven with her family, and acutely remembers the challenges they faced in getting water and knows firsthand what it is like to be thirsty.
[Image credit: Maji Umbrellas]
Featuring a windproof locking system, easy grip wooden handle, black wooden shaft, push button opening and a stylish two-tone display, there are currently two styles to choose from; the Moonshade umbrella whose silver black colours were chosen to represent the brilliant, silver glow of the moon on clear night in the Saharan sky; and the Blue Sahara umbrella which features a navy blue exterior and a golden interior chosen to highlight the importance of water in arid, desert environments.

Additional details:
The Moonshade and Blue Sahara umbrellas priced at: USD$40
For further information about Maji Umbrellas and to purchase visit:

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