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L’Occitane Packaging Inspired By West African Print Textiles

Escaping the crowds on Regent Street I ducked into L’Occitane in search of a few moments of respite. When it’s comes to tourist attractions London’s Regent Street is notoriously congested. I have been spending quite bit of the time in the area due to a current assignment and most lunchtimes have literally found myself doing battle as I try to make my way along… frustration is not the word, but in an attempt to avoid the crowds have found myself wandering off the beaten track, discovering some quiet oases in the process. One day however I wasn’t quite as lucky and got swept along, getting more and more agitated and in a desperate attempt to snatch a few moments of respite from the confusion ducked into L’Occitane; and oh…my…goodness… I’ve found a new best friend! Familiar with the brand having tried a few of their products, I’ve never really spent much time in their stores, well… that could change.
Trying to catch my breath, L’Occitane proved just the thing for some quick rejuvenation; the store was so tranquil, calm; very inviting but it was the sales assistant who came up to me who really made my day – unfortunately I did not catch her name. She asked if I needed any help, nothing new there should be standard customer service… but it’s what’s happened after I told her ‘no thank you, I’m just browsing’… She responded that’s fine but went on to ask if I would like a cup of tea whilst I was looking around. I must have stared at her for a while with my mouth hanging open while I processed the offer… hey I’ve never been offered a cup of tea, and for any one who knows me tea to me is like sweets to a child; in my world anytime is teatime. A cup of tea would have been just what I needed to catch my breath and go back out to face the crowds. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time, but was so chuffed at being asked I think my face said it all; a mixture of amused pleasure!
I think it’s safe to say I’m loving L’Occitane even more now and that’s before I’ve even got to the products, which have given me another reason to love them; cue a limited edition range of body products that celebrate the sounds and scents of Africa; specifically Cote d’ Ivoire, Egypt and Morocco, all presented in some gorgeously vibrant and richly patterned West African print textiles packaging inspired by the regions love of wax cloth fabrics… makes you want to buy the lot!


L’Occitane was founded in France, in 1976, by Oliver Baussan who sought to create products devoted to well being and first sold his handmade products in the markets of Provence, having drawn inspiration from Mediterranean cultures. Oliver has continually worked to develop a range of natural skincare products that bring together nature and research following the principles of phytotherapy; the art of healing through plants. L’Occitane’s African inspired skin care range sees products for moisturising lips and hands, body and face using organic Shea butter sourced from Burkina Faso. Shea butter is an ingredient that also appears in some of the company’s other product ranges and is one that has forged 25-year link between L’Occitane and women cooperatives and farmers in Burkina Faso. The relationship dates back to 1982, which eventually resulted in the first, Shea butter soaps appearing in L’Occitane stores in 1989, and over the years the number of producers has increased from 100 to over 1200 producing the shea butter for an expanding range of L’Occitane products that are sold in over 100 stores worldwide.
Embodying the principles of authenticity, which includes traceable origins of ingredients used; respect, towards nature, producers and customers; sensoriality, aim to offer a sensory delight to users; and continual improvement working to preserve and pass on the skills and knowledge; L’Occitane has been a socially responsible company from its inception establishing sustainable development programmes, investing in a relationships that extend beyond the product. L’Occitane buys directly from the cooperatives, cutting out the middleman and ensuring the correct prices are paid, covering production environment and social costs. L’Occitane has also set up initiatives such as literacy and the support of small-scale entrepreneurs in addition to programmes targeted towards helping cooperatives with production and sourcing new outlets. In 2006 the L’Occitane Foundation was set up as an organisation to take over the responsibility for carrying out the projects.

…harnessing the beauty of nature for well being in collectable West African print textiles inspired packaging

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Priced from:  6.50 €-20 € / USD$19-USD$21 / £7.50-£20
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