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Africa – David Attenborough/BBC ONE

Africa - BCC ONE - Kalahari

I have been watching Africa, the new documentary series by veteran British presenter, Sir David Attenborough. Filmed over four years, so far five episodes have taken viewers through the Kalahari, Savannah, Congo, Cape, and Sahara, with the sixth and final episode next week looking at the Future of Africa, in terms of what is being done to help preserve the Continent’s precious biodiversity, including how local communities are helping in the war on poaching.

Africa - BCC ONE - Sahara
Africa - BCC ONE - Savannah
Africa - BCC ONE - Cape
Africa - BCC ONE - Kalahari
Africa - BCC ONE - Congo
Africa - BCC ONE - Cape

[Image credits: Africa – BBC ONE]

If you have not caught it yet and have access to the BBC service I would definitely recommend it; it is amazing; and as an added bonus the programme has a segment in the final ten minutes or so called ‘Africa, Eye to Eye’, which takes you behind the scenes of the making of the series, and what an eye opener. Beautifully shot featuring breathtaking landscapes taken from land, sea, and air, for me some of the memorable highlights of the series include; a jaw-dropping display that sees a pair of giraffes battling it out for scarce resources in the Kalahari, the filming of the shifting ‘singing’ sand dunes of the Sahara captured as a series of one-picture-a-day images taken over the period of a year is just incredible, a ‘convention’ of over a million flamingoes that can be viewed from space, a display of bouncing, yet graceful ballet-like Springbok and a cunning chimp stealing honey from a tree. Such is the impact of the programme with UK viewers, that holiday searches into visiting Africa have gone up by 310% compared to usual the statistics for this time of year, this is according to travel site Sunshine.co.uk, with actual bookings rising by 37%.

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For further information about the BBC series, Africa visit: www.bbc.co.uk

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