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"It was a pleasure working with Tapiwa, she has great insight into contemporary African design. Tapiwa's selecting us for Sanlam helped grow the Saba Studios market and audience, and gave us a great deal of public recognition."

Moran Munyuthe

architect, designer, founder, Saba Furniture Design, Lamu, Kenya

"Working with Tapiwa was wonderful, effortless and very informative. You give us designers’ platforms and opportunities to grow and share our brand with new cultures that otherwise would not have the chance to see our work. Selecting me to showcase at Sanlam gave my brand the international exposure it needed to grow. It allowed me to meet other designers from the African continent that are doing amazing things in the world of design, and creating those relationships was priceless! "

Dounia Tamri-Loeper

founder Dounia Home, USA, Morocco

"atelier 55 has been a source for research of current trends, networking with other designers as well a place that has shared my work through the years. I also find fresh and original content covering African Design trends. Tapiwa puts her own stamp on design work from an African point of view, which I find it to be more authentic."

Jomo Tariku

furniture designer Jomo Design, USA

"Tapiwa was very easy to work with, she immersed herself in all things textile to learn more about my business even though she was already very knowledgeable in that area. Tapiwa prepared a comprehensive study analyzing our nascent brand, competitors and how to achieve strength in the market. The information was extremely helpful and for a fair few years served as a roadmap for our business and how we wanted to develop and grow. The greatest value was having a second and fresh pair of eyes looking at where we were from a much more objective stand point."

Isatu Funna

founder Dar Leone, UK

"With Tapiwa you get a sense of someone who nows her stuff and is strategically well connected (beyond the UK) and keeps a strong sense of integrity about her 'brand'. She holds a lot of insights that companies across sectors would value in order to get a better sense of the continent."

Nana Ocran

journalist, writer, storyteller, UK

"Tapiwa was able to understand and offer insight into the problems and difficulties presented. You have a depth of knowledge and experience which you happy to contribute to a bigger network for the good of the whole. Tapiwa appears to be able to make things happen in a notoriously difficult market, where connectivity and networking appears to be incredibly necessary, she has the skills to move project along from conception to completion. The values of sustainability, responsibility, education and social concerns all appear obvious in her mission and are clear motivators for what Tapiwa does."

Lydia Campbell

artist, storyteller, UK, Ghana