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Imiso Innovative Contemporary South African Ceramics

Imiso Ceramics Vases

Four dynamic individuals; Andile Dyalvane, Abongile Madabane, Zizipho Poswa and Mlamli Charles Mayosi came together in June 2006 to form Imiso Ceramics, a contemporary South African ceramics brand. Today just Andile Dyalvane and Zizipho Poswa remain at the helm.
[Image credit: Imiso Ceramics]

‘Imiso’ means ‘Tomorrow’ in Xhosa and formed the basis of the company’s slogan ‘Dawn of a new era’ and defines the hopes and dreams the owners have for themselves, the future and their flourishing business. Based in Woodstock, Cape Town the four owners are committed to building a unique contemporary South African ceramics brand and have a strong determination to inspire other up-and-coming artists and entrepreneurs; this has seen the business take on two talented artists as orders continue to increase.
Imiso Ceramics - Bowl and Plates

Imiso Ceramics - Pot

[Image credit: Imiso Ceramics]
Imiso Ceramics has a distinctive signature style; combined with an African aesthetic. I see a strong Surrealism influence running through the decoration, in the form of Spanish painters, sculptors and ceramicists; Pablo Picasso – pioneer of Cubism and Joan Miró – whose work exhibited freedom and energy.
Imiso Ceramics - Plate

[Image credit: Imiso Ceramics]
From the beginning Imiso Cermaics chose to manufacture and sell their ceramics from the same place and attribute this to the success of the business, as customers are able to watch and interact with the artists at work, helping to form a bond with the products they go on to purchase. The contemporary South African ceramics brand also export their products to Paris, New York and Austria; and have supplied the US-based Anthropologie stores.
Imiso ceramics - Pinch vases

[Image credit: Imiso Ceramics]
…. Imiso Ceramics are unique, bold and making a name for themselves in the world of contemporary ceramics

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