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Gone Rural Swaziland Redefining African Basket Design

Gone Rural glass woven bowl - Amaridian Gallery

Picking up from where I left off on my exploration into the different types of basket making found across the continent; I find myself quite taken by these glass bowls edged with a woven basket band. Created by Swaziland-based, Gone Rural who are redefining African basket design I came across them on the US-based Amaridian Gallery, and they give a fresh updated look to the traditional woven basket. The way the basket weaving techniques have been combined with recycled glass has produced some beautiful, unique looking bowls.
Gone Rural bowls - Amaridian Gallery

[image credit: Gone Rural – Amaridian Gallery]
A socially responsible business set up by the late Jenny Thorne in 1992, Gone Rural started life as a small local business in Swaziland working with 30 women. Gone Rural has now evolved into an international company providing an income for over 731 women and supplying in excess of one thousand retail outlets in over 32 countries. Gone Rural works to promote understanding and respect of Swazi cultural heritage; hand woven products utilise traditional skills that are combined with high quality design and recycled materials are often used. When new products are created or new techniques implemented, training workshops are held to assist with skill sharing and this helps maintain the high standard of the products being produced.

…a stylish update of a classic that is simple yet ingenious .

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