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Food & Drink: The Khaya Cookie Company’s Tasty Treats

The Khaya Cookie Company [South Africa]

The Khaya Cookie Company

[Image credit: The Khaya Cookie Company]

The annoying thing about cookies is that if they are tasty you can’t just eat one…and looking at the delicious offerings from The Khaya Cookie Company I think I should start running in the opposite direction because they look absolutely irresistible! Khaya cookies are handmade in the winelands of South Africa, using locally sourced ingredients. Working with the local community the freshest organic fruits come from local farmers and no preservatives are used, just natural healthy goodness.

The Khaya Cookie Company has helped create jobs within the Drankenstein region of South Africa, assisting previously employed men and women to become not only highly skilled bakers, but also offering training in all aspects of running the business through a Skills Training programme. In 2007 the company was awarded, ‘Edible Entrepreneur of the Year’ by the Food Network in the USA. With the distribution centre located in Philadelphia, USA, Khaya cookies are available in retail stores across America, in addition to online via their website which offers international shipping.

Khaya Cookie Bags

[Image credits: The Khaya Cookie Company]

Tempt your taste buds with fruits like succulent apricots, moist dates and grapeseeds mixed with chewy grains; go for cranberry and Rooibos in buttery rich shortbread; or for a truly indulgent treat, orange zest and Belgian chocolate.

Khaya Cookies Apricot and Dates

[Image credit: The Khaya Cookie Company]

Time to put the kettle on!

Additional Details:
Prices on the website start from USD$5 per box
to find your nearest stockist or to purchase online visit:
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